A brief profile

Graduated at the Official School of Advertising in Madrid, city where he also completed several years of formal study at the Superior School of Architecture.  He started his career as an illustrator in the 1980s dedicating a number of years to art and design in the field of advertising.  He has extensive professional experience and his collaboration with newspapers and magazines, as well as television, stands out. Since the 1990s he has opted for historical and monumental architectural illustration and has worked for government agencies, including the most important publishing houses in the country. He has been actively involved in providing information for several books published on history and everyday life in ancient times.

Collaboration with Official Organisations

The Royal Palace of Spain; Spanish National Heritage; Houses of Parliament; The Prado National Museum; The Reina Sofia National Museum of Art; The Spanish National Library; The Town Hall of Madrid; ExpoZaragoza2008, Paradores of Spanish Tourism, amongst others.


GyJ España; RBA Ediciones; Grupo Zeta; Grupo Santillana;  Grupo Anaya; Oxford University Press; Edelvives; Prensa Española; Grupo Prisa; Ediciones Susaeta, etc.


Cambio16; Panorama; Viajar; Muy Interesante; Historia Muy; Geo; Viajes National Geographic; Historia National Geographic, etc.

Exhibitions and Museums

Exhibition: Madrid in the 9th Century, Community of Madrid, 1986.

Exhibition: War in Olden Times Ministry of Defence, 1997.

Museum of Roman Villas, Almenara, Valladolid, 2007.

Centre of Interpretation Castro de Viladonga, Lugo, 2008.

Museum and Centre of Interpretation Cueva de Nerja, Málaga, 2011.

Books published. Texts and illustrations

The Constitution for children (La Constitución para niños). Community of Madrid. 1981.

Notebooks on monuments declared by Unesco as World Interest.  The Mosque of Cordoba.  The Alhambra of Granada,  Burgo´s Cathedral, The Monastery of The Escorial. The Ministries of Culture, Education and Science.  1985.

Madrid.  The Story of a Community. (Madrid, una Historia en comunidad) Community of Madrid. 1987.

Medieval Spain: Muslims, Jews and Christians (España Medieval: Musulmanes, Judíos y Cristianos).  Anaya. 1990.

The Road to Santiago.  Pilgrims in Medieval Europe (El Camino de Santiago. Peregrinos en la Europa Medieval). Anaya  1990.

Al-Ándalus. Anaya. 1992

The Constitution for all (La Constitución de todos). The Parliament. 2003

A Travel Guide through Hispanic – Muslim Art (Una Guía de viaje al arte hispanomusulmán).  Anaya Touring. 2005

James I (Jaime I). Ediciones Susaeta.  2008.